11-window fashion fabulosity

A picture is worth a thousand words. John Fowler's masterpiece for Baroness Pauline de Rothschild's drawing room at the Albany in London ( 1976).  By the way the story goes that there isn't a sewn hem anywhere on the fabulous window fashion - Fowler used pinking sheers to create all the edges. Whether there is or not; it […] Read More

#10 Window Fashion Fabulosity Thumbnail

Draperies are starting to show in in some unexpected places! Layered sheers  filter the light and add privacy in this bath. Spotted again: Sheers on plexi poles frame the window in this bath. Portieres create the dining area  in this open floor plan. Or here, the draperies allow the side board to be placed on the […] Read More

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Musically, In the Pocket  means being in the right place rhythmically; a place just right for the arrangement. Here it means a  treatment where every component finds its own unique fit; so all the pieces meld together seamlessly. ( Or literally- it's a recess created at the ceiling to hide the drapery tracks.) There are so many reasons to consider […] Read More

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You have to know where to hang 'em.... That's one reason to hire a pro. Mount ‘em High-   Rule of thumb is to mount rod or board up a minimum of 4”-8” above top of trim if not mounting at the ceiling. This is done so the drapery covers the trim when closed, and the […] Read More