#12 Window Fashion Fabulosity


Window Treatments can almost never be too full. Skimpy draperies or curtains can ruin an otherwise great window. Draperies should have a minimum of 2.5 x fullness. Gathered curtains should be minimum 3 x full. Interlining not only ups the energy efficiency of a treatment, muffles sounds; but adds volume that turns scanty to spectacular.


Love the Holland and Sherry wool draperies with leading edge applique. Definitely a look to steal!


Not enough fullness here…


Window Fashion Expert Tip- Because draperies with the proper fullness take more fabric than most clients think ; they can be stunned at yardages and prices. Order just enough of that expensive fabric they LOVE to add a 2 – 4 inch wrapped band on the leading edge. It gives you the look without the price.









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