#9 Window Fashion Fabulosity


“In the Pocket” Draperies

Musically, In the Pocket  means being in the right place rhythmically; a place just right for the arrangement. Here it means a  treatment where every component finds its own unique fit; so all the pieces meld together seamlessly. ( Or literally- it’s a recess created at the ceiling to hide the drapery tracks.)

There are so many reasons to consider pockets:

  • Pockets allow you to use heavy duty tracks increasing functionality.
  • Commercial tracks have ball bearing glides and heavier brackets. They’ll pull open and close like a dream; especially on multiple widths.  ( Pockets or no pockets- multiple width traversing draperies should be on architectural tracks to function properly.)
  • There’s no need for valances to cover white goods or for decorative rods.
  • Pockets allow for smaller stackbacks.
  • Pockets integrate the treatment into the room through architecture.



If you are lucky enough to get in on the ground floor of a design or construction project and can specify pockets for your treatments here are a couple of tips.  Depending on ceiling heights and heading depths you might have to extend the molding or fascia to hide your underpinnings.



Keep in mind rod clearances and projections when layering treatments and using a pocket. The usual 3″ per layer isn’t necessarily enough in close quarters.

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