Ample Sample Winner Announced


Tricycle’s Ample Sample competition again challenged designers to rethink and repurpose carpet samples after their usefulness to a design project was finished, to make a design product. They weren’t disappointed as designers answered their call; making beautiful and useful objects with upcycled materials. The best (and my favorite) part is that each designer must also submit blueprints and/or instructions of their designs.  In the spirit of design democracy, they are available for free download to design firms and individuals around the world

The judges have deliberated and here are the 2009 Ample Sample finalists and winner. If you’re going to NeoCon in Chicago; check them out in person where the finalists’ products will be showcased. The finalists include:

Jake Tompkins of JMBC Design – Magic Carpet Ride

Sean Miller – Mailbox

Heather Wright and Christina Jih – Plush Petal Pendant

Wuthichai Leelavoravong – Shoe-Keeper


Sean Miller’s Mailbox

The Plush Petal Pendant used a cylindrical, reclaimed lampshade frame which allowed for 32 strips. This fabrication used exactly 2 carpet tiles. The shade was designed for the reuse of materials, and the absence of glues and adhesives. This picture is an actual fabrication which is lit by a spherical compact fluorescent bulb.

An Eco-Friendly Hammock, Magic Carpet Ride, inspired by the paper chains of childhood that utilizes the texture and feel of carpet to create a more comfortable and relaxing surface.


Cut, Clip, and Hang. There are only 3 simple steps to create “Shoe-Keeper”.  Shoe-Keeper was inspired from the close (physical) relationship between the carpet and shoes. Importantly, there is no waste in this design. To keep a pair of shoes, we need only a half of the carpet tile. Besides its main function, we can also use Shoe-Keeper as decoration on a wall by mixing and matching different colors and patterns of carpet tiles.

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