Best of MoOd 2011


Here are the winners of the Blue Drop Awards given for textile and technical  innovation at MoOd( Meet only Orginial Designs) this week in Belgium.

Best Innovation
Hyosung (South Korea)

The jury was unanimous about this particularly innovative achievement. This window covering is woven as a single piece on the loom, meaning that the system is ready to be hung immediately. It can be used in two positions: in the open position and in the closed position, which lets in more light. Ingenious and never seen before, in the jury’s opinion.  Window covering innovation coming from other places as the  U.S. window covering industry  cord issues and commodity challenges. We still can’t seem to get it together.

Best Window Covering
Deltracon (BE)

This window covering in 100% linen was selected by the jury for its subtleombre  print in indigo, which is produced so elegantly that it looks as though it is done by hand. The repetition of the pattern is barely noticeable. The quality is both superior and luxurious. Deltracron is one of my favorite mills.

Best Upholstery
De Poortere Frères (BE)

This fabric was chosen on account of its ingenious weaving technique that produces a very special visual effect. In particular, a slub yarn is woven into the pile and there is also a slub in the weft. This combination creates a relief that visually looks even deeper because the slub in the weft is black. The fabric is not merely a technical stand-out, but is also rich and of great quality.

Best Wall Covering
Konrad Hornschuch AG (DE)

When it is used as a wall covering, this bio-synthetic leather creates a very special effect. It looks just like real animal hide, but in actual fact is an imaginative imitation that makes high demands on the printing technique used. But for all that, there is no denying that Konrad Hornschuch is particularly good when it comes to manufacturing sustainably. The product is also well suited both to the residential and contract markets. The combination of these elements has resulted in a well-deserved Blue Drop Award.

Best Contract product
De Kabels (NL)

It calls itself one of the last companies that does silkscreen printing entirely by hand – which is pretty remarkable for a product suited to the contract market. De Kabels opted for linen on account of this material’s natural qualities. The natural colour of the linen has been retained and black was chosen for the overprint. An unusual and daring choice

Best Première
Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries (NL)

The first genuinely organic leather in the world. This Dutch tannery examined all of the harmful substances used during the tanning process and replaced them with organic products. The result is the first ecologically manufactured leather that is totally biodegradable.
Which is your favorite?

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