Spotted: Big Bold Color in… Shades? OMG!


We say we love it, but could never sell it; we tip toe around it, because we really don’t understand its power. We fuel the neutral self fulfilling prophecy by showing 50 shades of cream. What is it? It’s daring color in blinds and shades. For a lot of reasons design pros selling hard window coverings haven’t embraced color blocking, P.O C.(Pop of Color) or bold, intense hues like other segments of the home furnishings industry. So I am soo excited to finally see the vibrant hued pleated shades in this month’s House Beautiful. Hopefully, this arbitrator of American taste might move us off the dime. Also spotted – the pleated shades had XL pleats. OMG- color, a Pleated shade AND XL pleats! Is this a harbinger of what might be coming in window coverings?

The Shade Store Via House Beautiful

With Tangerine Tango the Color of the Year-why not try it at the window?

So if we start embracing color; could we , ( O heart be still) start to see bold dynamic pattern at the window? God, I hope so; I could use a little drama….

All shade images from The Shade Store

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