Design Confidential Loves: Floating Flower Garden at M&O


One of my highlights at this edition of Maison and Objet was the Floating Flower Garden by teamlab. An exceptional sensory experience – it was like walking into a greenhouse filled with thousands of fragrant flowers. You know that smell- that smell brought back memories of important events in my life- choosing flowers for my wedding; picking out a boutonniere for my first formal…  The Floating Flower Garden was more than just about the smells- it touched all the senses.

Maison & Objet 4-8 Septembre 2015

After marrying a banquet of dreamlike birds and branches of cherry blossoms and live flowers and leaves, Japanese techno-artists from teamlab created this incredible botanical fairyland. Their roots toward the sky, 2300 flowers were floating in a bubble suspended in dazzling white. Petals, leaves and pistils bloom in the silence of this sensual and mysterious garden with only soft music in the background. The garden place constantly changed because the flowers grew each day. It was a perfect blend of design and technology, the flowers rose when you approached them into the dome overhead and then came down. You could experience the garden by walking through it or by viewing it through windows in a dark hallway surrounding the garden. Watch the video HERE.

The Flowers and I are of the same root; the Garden and I are one.

This 3D metaphor is inspired by a Zen koan, a “public announcement “ based on a Buddhist fable and poetry. Toshiyuki Inoko, founder of TeamLab, tells that the thirteenth century, a Zen priest left his meditation retreat in the mountains to teach the path of enlightenment. One day, he pointed to a flower in a garden: “People today see it as if they were in a dream. The sky and I are from the same root. Everything around me and I are made of the same substance, “he said.

flower floating

This is the philosophy of this installation: a delicate relationship woven between Nature and the visitor inviting the ecosystem to restore our sense of oneness with Nature. By modeling the wonderful experience of the floating flower garden through the magic of algorithms, the floating Flower Garden introduces, announces the environmental message to the visitor.


Here’s a short video I shot.


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