Digital Dawn Window Blinds


We spotted the prototype several years ago as part of the textile collection at the Victoria and Albert museum. It’s resurfacing again- maybe just in time

Digital Dawn is an interesting reactive window blind that is responsive to external stimuli. Designed by Rachel Wingfield. Rachel belongs to an emerging generation of designers redefining conventions of how, why and with what things are made.  Digital Dawn digitally emulates photosynthesis using printed electroluminescent technology; as seen in the image below, a light-based botanical environment seems to grow on the window lamp as a room gets darker.

Wingfield intended Digital Dawn to emulate the process of photosynthesis using electroluminescent printing technology. Light-dependent sensors monitor the changing light levels within a space, triggering the growth of the organic foliage on the blind. A natural environment will appear to grow on the window surface, exploring how changing light levels within a space can have profound and physiological impact on our sense of well-being. It’s essentially a solar powered textile storing sun’s energy during the day and using it at night to illuminate the blind.

Wonder if the energy could be used to operate the blind?

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