Energies- Maison and Objet Trends 13/14



With the summer solstice upon us, it’s time  to recharge our batteries. Maison & Objet agrees. For the September edition of the show, the M&O Trend Observatoirie focuses on the trend theme-Energies.

There is no question of energy saving when it comes to creativity. On the contrary, plenty of energy is needed when it comes to spreading the right vibe.  Driving forces are revving up in order to foresee the bubbling changes underway and to stimulate the high-voltage dynamic of desire.  Positive waves and optimism generators are electrifying the status quo. This constructive movement is liberating the imagination, reviving unexpected aesthetics and drawing on alternative currents.



Illuminations- The Energy of Lights

Elizabeth Leriche

An era plunged into obscurity seeks sources of illumination. Between radiance and incandescence, a compelling yet troubling sensory experience is lighting up both spaces and spirits. Shadows and light are catching our eye and modifying our perception. Hi-Tech magic- nebulous, dreamy and hypnotic- is electrifying and creating a sense of awe. The new Age of Enlightenment is generating dizziness, throbbing and strong vibrations.



Funt@sy- The Energy of Fantasy

Vincent Gregoire for Nelly Rodi
Style is thumbing its nose at the dogma of seriousness. A playful waywardness makes life more fun. Irreverent mash-ups, quirky subversions, off beat reinterpretations, provocative collages and chaotic combinations are mixing up the codes of neoclassical culture and digital pop culture. Chic and striking, the modern dandy of iconoclastic bling knows no limits. On the entertainment menu: Humor, derision and quirkiness.



Psychotropia- The Energy of the Imagination

Francois Bernard
Its brain bubbling over, design is exploring the fields of invisible forces in which the spiritual and the strange converge. Following the random wanderings of the mind, a psychotropic poetry revives the mystery of the hidden and the sacred. References to Surrealism, Esotericism and Outsider Art serve as an initiation in the Shamanic magic of parallel worlds.



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