Genius: Innovative Fabrics from MoOD


“Kid in a candy store” perfectly  describes me at MoOd earlier this month. I saw, coveted and obsessed over textiles of all kinds. Some were stunningly beautiful, others blew my mind technically and still more pushed the design envelope. So many to choose from and so little time…

I don’t know how the U.S. jobbers we saw there made the hard editing choices to build their collections. Here are my  please-won’t- someone- book- this  picks:

Technical Innovations


This development has never been seen before in upholstery fabrics. Building on sports trend theme,  Nachik chose a design based on technical textile (sports mesh) used in sports shoes. It took a lot of R&D to modify the texture in such a way it could be used for upholstery.  ( Blue Drop winner in upholstery)

Delius brings an innovative concept which is primarily focused on the contract business, but why not residential? It is a fabric for window coverings with an ultra fine woven reflective tissue in Lurex and PU on one side and an elegant design on the other. Thanks to the Lurex, the sun is reflected and the textile heat-insulating. They succeeded in achieving a heat-insulating effect without a coating. Because no coating is the hand and drape of the fabric is not compromised. (Blue Drop winner for innovation)

This was an amazing screen I would love to have in my sample books to sell my window covering clients. First, the color is great- after decades of cream, white and beige, I am ready for color on my windows. The metalized bands are interwoven in a way to create a light crinkle effect. Plus, the metal reflects the sunlight and works as a heat shield.


This 3-D fabric  is from the Secret Rainbow collection. What makes this innovative, besides the dimension on the surface is that is creates surprise as it reacts with sunlight and reveals fairytale themed images and colors depending on the light level.


Deltacron’s collection was  right on trend – Simple Luxury- expressed with  essential materials, transparency, clean lines and gradation of color.  This degraded stripe is a great example. When it comes to linen they are GENIUS.

I loved this wide width devore sheer. It reminds me of Cole and Son’s much imitated Woods wallpaper.

The colorations, pile height and hand on these velvets were sumptuous.

Modern Velvets

And Just Awesome!


I absolutely love the scale on these panels. If were are going to sell plain stationery draperies; let’s bring it up a notch with murals, bold scale and color and pattern.

Last but not least, my ultimate favorite, This is what “faux silk” polyester was meant to be- crushed, laser cut, contrast reverse, subtle metallic awesomeness. Please book this; please!

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