Genius: Nike’s new Knittop Shoe


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I had to repost this because it is a fabulous example of the kind of   results you can get when you listen to the client and design innovation to meet their needs. I have always been intrigued with the design process, so I would have loved to be in the rooms with the show designers as they brainstormed and collaborated their way through the design process creating groundbreaking techniques to fulfill their client’s “wishes”.  Imagine the possibilities of this technology when applied to interiors! ( Window Coverings industry take note it CAN be done ; we just have to commit to it!)

Nike Unveils Its Big New Paradigm: Shoes Knit Like Socks

The new Flyknit shoe was the product of four years of R&D, which yielded new machines for a fabrication technique that never existed before.

When most of us think about what we want in a shoe, a sock probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Sure it has comfort, but what about stability? And how about some support?

Nike is filling in those blanks with its newest line, Nike Flyknit, which will make its big splash in the Olympics. Four years in the making, Flyknit is the product of an entirely new shoe-making process that can produce a single, lightweight knit upper (tongue included). The resulting intricate patchwork of yarn, cables, and fabric boasts a heretofore unseen look and feel.


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