Genius: Target Does it Again!

Target teams up with the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, to launch a collection of clothing and accessories July 11th. The museum houses rare collectible typography, the likes of
which are not found anywhere else in America. Hamilton created unique graphics and was the design inspiration for ‘Vintage Varsity,’ Target’s Fall Collection.
The collection will be featured as part of Target’s Cool Never Fades campaign. Target crisscrossed the U.S looking for places where Cool Never Fades. They’ve posted their favorites on Facebook and have asked you to watch the videos of their choices and then mark the map where you think cool is everlasting…


 Come on you gotta love it – a  bit of Americana to tug at your heart strings; mix in a killer tagline and top it off with a oh-so-right-now crowdsourcing contest. ( Not to mention right on trend with the typography inspiration. Hint: if looking for a way to puch up your Fall interiors think type, text, vintage graphics, etc.)  Genius!

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