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It is no secret I am a window fashion fanatic. So when I saw the Kontuur blind I was in love. The Kontuur Blind, created by Helena Karelson and winning the recent Design in Britain competition is to say the least- Genius. I recently had a chance to catch up with Helena and she  offered some insight into her winning design.

Design Confidential: Tell me a little about yourself?

Helena Karelson:I was born in Estonia and now live and work in London. I recently graduated from Kingston University with a Product and Furniture Design degree

DC: What inspires you as a designer?

HK: I am fascinated with light and the relationship between form and shadow.  In fact this series was born from that fascination. When the slats are in the horizontal position light filters through the irregular gaps, projecting a rich tapestry of sunbeams into the interior space. In the vertical position the light from behind the window frames the blinds perfectly in a subtle, warm glow.

DC: Have you played with this category before?

HK: I did another series titled Warm Glow. These are  window blinds that bring warmth into our everyday life. When the light comes through the blinds, the yellow side of the blinds, reflects onto the white side, resulting a warm glow. The First edition of Kontuur blind premiered at this year’s D&AD New Blood exhibition, where it won the prestigious Best New Blood award.  Kontuur window blinds also won the New Design Britain Award.

 DC:  I understand that the Kontuur blinds’ inspiration was your fascination with light and shadow, why did you choose blinds as the medium.

HK: I realized that there have not been many innovations in that medium for a long time and the classical blinds have become a boring window covering solution. I saw the potential to design something interesting and beautiful. I was right, Kontuur window blinds have had and continue to have a lot of interest in them. I have got so much good feedback from everybody, including designers, architects, manufacturers, stylists and buyers from all over the world.

DC: No Kidding!


DC: Have any blind manufacturer shown interest?

HK:It is a prototype. Many blind manufacturers in UK and Europe have shown interest.

DC: Where is the interest from U.S. manufacturers? – hey guys!

Each slat is carefully designed to leave no waste post-manufacture, which, combined with the use of environmentally sound materials ensures that it can be enjoyed without the worry of its environmental impact weighing on your mind.



Wouldn’t you like to see this in our blind offerings?

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