Makers: Art Inspires Textiles in this Unique Collaboration


I am in awe! I consider myself a creative, but these artists blow my mind with their design insight, refined eye and  masterful technique all combined to result in  Pollack’s Makers Collection.

After two years and countless meetings, a unique collaboration between five artists and the Pollack Studio produced the thirteen distinctive fabrics that are the core of this collection.  Working in diverse fields, these makers –  a glass blower, a ceramicist, a fashion designer, a jeweler and a furniture designer – each brought their unique vision to the process of making textiles.  The results are rich in thought and materials; they are complex and innovative; they are beautiful and usable.

“We are makers of fabric rather than people who create pretty patterns… We are weavers with an intimate knowledge of fibers, yarns construction. We want to push ourselves in new directions beyond the medium …”


Here are the 5 artists that were the inspiration and driving force for Pollack’s makers collection.

Klaus Burgel, jeweler and metalsmith  (  BlingCalligraphy and Skywriting



Liz Collins, fashion designer, knitter  (  Aphrodite, X-Rated and Zeus


Aphrodite and it’s inspiration

Nathan Craven, ceramicist  (  Odyssey and Wacky



Wacky and its inspiration

Katherine Gray, glass blower  (  Mirror Mirror, Reflectorand Beam




Matthias Pliessnig, furniture designer and wood worker  (  Odalisque and Interplay

images odalisque

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