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Issey Miyake and Reality Lab  just won the  best design in the category of fashion at the Design Museum’s fifth annual Designs of the Year Awards 2012 for these amazing garments  created from computer algorithms.

132 5. is a unique fashion project developed by Issey Miyake and his in-house team of scientists from Reality Lab. The process by which the clothing is made is groundbreaking, using a mathematical algorithm: first, a variety of three-dimensional shapes are conceived in collaboration with a computer scientist; then, these shapes are folded into two dimensional forms with pre-set cutting lines that determine their finished shape; and finally, they are heat-pressed, to yield folded shirts, skirts, dresses etc. These clothes are significant not only for the process by which they were made but because they are also made using recycled PET products, sometimes in combination with other recycled fibers.


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