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'home within home'

‘home within home’ is do ho suh’s solo newest solo showcase. The exhibition gallery of leeum samsung museum of art has been decorated with suh’s thread-and-sheer-fabric-drawn representations of the places he has lived –Seoul, New York and Berlin.

The thread and fabric installation examines suh’s idea of “home” as the skeleton that creates boundaries, protects us and causes us to inhabit a place.

North Wall 2005

Though I respect his concept and inspiration, what blows me away is the scope and intricacy of his work. Not to mention I always seem to be drawn to old school handwork and technique. Drawn work is so old it becomes fresh and new. The detail is amazing. As well as the thought and planning for each piece is beyond compare.

Blueprint 2010-2012

From suspended buildings, to roomscapes and floating perspectives- this is a masterpiece.

3 corridors 2011

Reflection 2005-2011

348 west 22nd street, new york, NY 10011, USA–apt. a

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