The Interior Inspirer


Many shoppers are now connected online throughout the day, heavily impacting the role of retailers. While consumers used to seek inspiration and advice through sales staff, more and more shoppers are now telling us they would rather find it themselves. That’s where Interior Inspirer comes in.  Interior Inspirer is a project created by Cisco and INDG.  It is designed to help home retailers “catch and keep” digital shoppers. The Interior Inspirer enables shoppers to imagine their ideal room design and find furnishings that best fit their personal style and budget.

The Interior Inspirer features a large screen where shoppers can personalize and design their ideal rooms using a tablet device connected to a rich and intuitive screen interface. Products of interest are stored on a personal list which can be printed or sent via email. Within the email, shoppers can use a single click to add preferred products to their basket on the retailer’s online store. When not in use, the screen displays a number of pre-styled rooms that offer shoppers inspiration on how the retailer’s products can be combined to create a unique personal style.


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