The September Issue


I just bought my September issue. Do you have yours?

I anxiously await this issue of Vogue. As they say; if fashion is a religion than Vogue is the bible. Weighing nearly 3 lbs and consisting of 584 pages of inspiration, it provides hours of browsing, dreaming. I always rip pages, tag corners; filing it away in my journal.


 This issue was a definite MUST HAVE with the drop of this month’s magazine coinciding with the premiere of The September Issue, filmmaker R J Culter ‘s  documentary about the making of the 2007 version of the issue. Cutler got unprecedented access into Anna Wintour’s world; so of course I was curious… not to mention I was interested in seeing see what it takes to stay on top in the fashion world -giving lessons that could be learned in the interior world two fold.


Top  Inspirations

The Steven Meisel shoot In the Mood – 1942 New York – bebop, smoky bars, peplums and shoulder pads. A fashion era I have always had an infinity for.  Love, love, love the detail on the Dior wool suit to the left.



This shot seems like a flashback of my family album. It could very well be my grandmother and my great grandmother- two women  that have inspired and framed my design outlook.


Don’t you just LOVE the draping-  so Barbara Stanwyck. 


Into The Woods is Coddington’s fantasy fashion version of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood celebrating my fav color -red

Also check out:

Merci- a new concept store in the marais neighborhood of Paris that I will certainly be shopping at in January.

My Sew Called Life-a short article about Jason Wu teaching one of the Vogue editors to sew. Good insight from anovice what the craft and art of sewing is like.

Country Couture – Vogue visits Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor’s country manor

Still looking for more Fashion Inspiration? Check out Valentino, The Last Emperor

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