The Winner is….


The winner of  our book giveaway- Mark Hampton, American Decorator is   Linda Bassert. Congrats Linda. The book is coming your way!

She answered the question:

 What is American Style? How do you define what is quintessentially “ American“.

American Style is Independent, Based on Tradition, Innovative, and Lifestyle oriented. We don’t worry about having our homes look just like our neighbors – we’re happy to have it reflect our own personalities. Our traditions are younger t…han some other parts of the world, so we may be inspired by something traditional or a part of our region’s history ( whether the Williamsburg of Virginia, or the Victorian mansions of the Chicago business tycoons, or the Spanish structures of our Western regions), but we may also take that traditional building and put a comtemporary interior. Or take a comtemporay interior, and throw in a Chippendale chair as sculpture. We are innovative, full of initiative, and so our design is dynamic, and reflects measured change, while not being trendy. And our living extends to outdoor spaces, and the relationship to the out of doors, whether a fabulous urban view, or the rolling plains, or the woods out back. American style is like Americans: Independent, Based on Tradition, Innovative, full of Initiative. I’ll have that slice of Apple pie now.

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