Vivant: M&O Trends for 2013


Under the general heading of  Vivant (LIVING), this season the  MAISON&OBJET Observatory has developed three broad trend  themes  around the concepts of “First Foods”, “Pioneering” and “Renaissance.”



The art of living aspires to be the art of better living. Our dematerialized, virtual world is searching for a harmonious lifestyle that is more anchored in reality. Hinted at in September at the trend talks, members of the Observatory mentioned that you need a physical object to “fall in love” with  and that part of the designer’s job is to make the client “fall in love” with the environment, object, the space. So, Vivant is about perfecting the riches of Nature. Design is recomposing our bio-inspired world. The world of the home, a true living organism, is part of this revitalizing effect- evolving and growing more beautiful with the clients’ additions, edits and use. We are rediscovering the primal forces. We are reexploring emotional comfort in which Beauty is first. We are reexperimenting with new fields in the sciences in order to lay the foundations for hope of rebirth. Living is a design manifesto for a better present, with the rallying cry: life to the hilt.

Nourritures Premières-   First Foods

Elizabeth Leriche

From sprouts to meat by way of milk, honey, salt, vegetables and bread, our ancestral foods are becoming the raw materials of a design aesthetic that makes and are inspiring artists’ creativity. Our appetite for authenticity and materials with symbolic expressions and emotions that reinvigorate the body and mind are being fed by food and its intimate connection to design; it’s rituals and the sense of community sharing brings.   Nourritures Premières celebrates the vital energy and the pleasure of the senses.



Pot o Feu by magali werhung


Renaiscience –  Renaissance

 Vincent Gregoire for Nelly Rodi

In the  laboratory of our times, ideas inspired by nature and  revealed under the microscope are invigorating design. A convulsive, fascinating, proliferation of blobs, gaseous states, x-rays, entangled fibers and molds are animating a world in constant mutation. There is an intriguing alchemy that is distilling the lines between material and immaterial, micro and macro. The science of metamorphoses is activating a design force seeking a potential rebirth.

Symboise by Bleu Nature

Andy Paiko Glass Wheel


Pionnier-  Pioneer

Francois Bernard

We are feeling the need to reconsider our lifestyles and reconnect to material things. New behaviors are cultivating an emerging  state of mind that champions autonomy and emotional satisfaction. The search for Beauty is ushering in a new relationship to time, in which everything remains alive. Nothing can be old anymore- it’s not an antique; it’s vintage.  Natural materials give life to timeless, simple, luxurious objects. Craftsmanship is reactivating the grace of making things.

Lee Broom Crystal Bulb Shop

Benjamin Herbert Pod Chair


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