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Here’s a sneak peek of what NeoCon  ’09 will have to offer next week. From textiles to technology, Neocon never disappoints.


Maharam Digital Projects combines content and execution, making the work of today’s leading artists and designers affordable and accessible as a curated repository of images printed using the highest quality digital techniques available.  Digital Projects is a carefully curated repository of museum quality installations for walls, including two 10′ by 36′ works by Douglas Gordon and Karel Martens. Digital Projects can be used for contract and residential applications; this versatile medium provides visual vocabulary drawn from emerging and established artists, internationally renowned graphic designers, and longtime Maharam collaborators.

Defining Leather through design. Whatever you can create can now come to life in genuine leather and then be upholstered onto the furniture piece of your choice. SIF Technology is raising the bar on creativity in the contract market with its new Digital Leather image process-a unique printable laminate that permanently fuses high resolution aniline and semi-aniline colors, full color photos and graphic images onto and into the surface of genuine leather. What a perfect way to showcase it but with the Pantone Chair.


Several innovative, technical methods were fundamental to the success of these Momentum fabrics. Classique features a unique carving finish which results in a vertical rib effect on the face of the velvet. Sartorial’s dimensional pleat construction is unusual in the industry. Most pleated or puckered fabrics are created using a stretch yarn or a finishing or chemical process which can lead to a flattening of the pleat during the upholstering process or through standard use. It took more than five years of experimentation for Momentum’s collaborative mill professionals to achieve a hand-woven pleat effect in production. While Sartorial is not the only pleated fabric on the market, it is the only pleated fabric which is also embroidered. Delano features a Trieste yarn which is a custom made novelty weft yarn from Italy. The striations that the Trieste accomplishes are unique. They are long and graceful rather than the shorter, choppier striations most often seen. This very special yarn was used in tandem with a carefully fashioned woven structure to create an unusually soft and slick tweed look. 


Designers want a web experience that reflects and enhances their design and product selection process. The Virtual Library by Mannington Commercial delivers on these desires by complementing the creative process and keeping key tools at a designer’s fingertips. The Virtual Library, the first of its kind for our industry, enables exploration from any location with online access and shortens the sales cycle – all while reducing unnecessary use of valuable space in design firms’ libraries or contributing to landfill waste.  This immersive online experience uses 3-dimensional and Flash technology to simulate the experience of being in a product library for every hard and soft surface floorcovering in Mannington Commercial’s complete product mix, and to stimulate exploring and experimenting with product choices with virtual flip book technology -letting designers flip thru  pages the same way as a designer would look through a paper catalog.

As its name suggests, Stucco  by Geneieve Bennett resembles molding sculpted on a plaster wall, but it is actually a cleverly designed, three-dimensional wall panel adorned with cut leather pieces. The resulting composition of abstracted leaves and flowers comes just in time for spring. While custom colors and sizes are available, it comes standard in a 30 1/3-inch-by-39 1/3-inch panel.

Finally, My favorite- I have already downloaded it!

 With Colorsnap by Sherwin Williams you can discover how coordinating colors and bringing ideas to life is easier than you ever imagined. Find a color you love, snap the photo and receive the matching Sherwin-Williams paint color and coordinating palette. And it’s all FREE!

  • Choose a color that inspires you and match it with one of our 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
  • Receive a coordinating palette that complements your color.
  • Find your local Sherwin-Williams store where the experts will help you bring your vision to life.
  • Save colors to your “My Saved Colors” library for future inspiration.
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