Blow up Sheet Metal


Plopp stool for Hay- two stell plates welded together and expanded under pressure

Plopp stool for Hay- two steel plates welded together and expanded under pressure

Architect Oscar Zieta has developed an incredible new technology (FIDU) that was used to create a series of inflated sheet steel furniture.. The pieces look more like balloon art than furniture, but in fact can take the weight of human.   One of those pieces- Plopp- is being marketed thru HAY. “We completely transformed the way material is processed. In architecture there is a great need for the facility of designing free forms – take blob architecture, for example. The engineers who have the job of constructing these organic forms designed by architects are always looking for the technology which will make this possible and which will give a completely new meaning to the term ‘standard”,” says Zieta.






Check out Architonic’s interview with Zieta.

 See more images of his work in the Inspiration and Innovation sidebar.

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