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During our Paris Decor Tour in September our group had the great pleasure of visiting the Creation Baumann showroom.  Creation Baumann is one of the most innovative fabric companies in the world. I am always in awe of their inspirational designs. The showroom visit was no exception. Sophie  gave us a tour of the showroom and then presented the new Fall 2010 fabric collection. We saw the new line before the European sales force did!

Everyone in the group counted seeing Gecko and having Sophie demonstrate it for us as a highlight. Susan and I first saw in in 2007 at imm Cologne and have followed the product since-  most recently at NeoCon.  The silicon coated self adhering textile  caused a small sensation as it can be applied  again and again directly to glass and other  surfaces. Think colorforms of your youth.

Introduced last year, GECKO IN THE BOX – a box with pre cut components for decorative window styling- offers an equally beguiling demonstration of how GECKO can be used as a creative style element in interior design.

Gecko in a Box Grafitio

GECKO DISCO is  mix of sharp and blurred colorful circles that evokes reminiscences of the bright lights of a metropolis which, with the right angle of incoming light, look amazingly real.

 GECKO LISTRA beguiles with an array of gaily colored ribbons that look as if they were fluttering in a breeze. The elegant, haphazard arrangement of overlapping strips in differing widths can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Multi coloring makes combination with other colors easy.

GECKO ILLUSION has the wow factor. The coulisse like motifs from everyday objects such as bowls, vases and books that look amazingly realistic. This is the first time that the textile experts from  Creation Baumann have used images.

Sophie also told us they would be introducing a kids line based on their successful Think Forward competition and inspired by last year’s winner- here’s a sneak peek.

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