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We’re just about 90 days away from the 2013 MoOD- Meet Only Original Designs- and their trend team has finished its behind-closed-doors deliberations releasing their 2014 textile forecast- eMOTION.


The trend team spent their time discussing the world: about social economical tendencies, about evolutions in color, in innovation, in subcultures, in design. And of course about textiles. What predominated from the numerous presentations this year where mostly opposites. The world is hybrid  and is simultaneously running on multiple gears. Tomorrow’s consumer does not want any boring uniformity, but unique products with their own story. eMOTION shows four future scenarios which have one thing in common despite their diversity: everything revolves around emotion:


Terre Natale


More and more people resist against the overpowering ADHD economy. Terre Natale embodies the “switch off” experience, enjoying simplicity and tranquility. We no longer have to own things, because ownership is linked to a feeling of lack of freedom. ‘No to ownership, yes to access’ is the key to freedom. Our ‘terre natale’ is no longer connected to the place we were born. Our ‘native soil’ is us. We are modern nomads who feel at home everywhere. Our openness to the world translates into an open creative culture. We create together and look across disciplines just like we are used to looking across borders. Just like nationalism and identity connects us to our Terre Natale, we do not need to live there to be a part of it. The materials and colors in Terre Natale are connected to the earth, water and nature.


Key words: Freedom, Switch Off, No to Ownership, Yes to Access, Native Soil, Earth.




The way we look at the world is changing. Transparency and openness, light-heartedness, love and honesty are basic skills. Literally and figuratively. These values are almost always associated with light and soft colors. So(u)laris embraces the return of the mysticism and colors that are  so very very white. The emotion of So(u)laris is magic and poetic but never dramatic. She is just barely controlled and sometimes even turned inwards and resigned.


Key words: Transparency, Love, Poetry, Mystiscism, Light-heartedness, Co-creation



Today more than ever, we understand how much color influences our mind. Because even when the use of colors is a more conscious process, the goal is to evoke the right emotion. Companies that provide color consultancy are popping up all over the world and more and more architects and designers are approaching an architectural space from the emotional experience they want to provoke. Color also stands for a promise. The fact that we are so crazy about color indicates that we are fed up with the crisis. The colors in this scene are rebelling against the so called ‘designer’s colors’ of the last decade. The trend team suspects that even behind the revival of the misty, pastel-like colors,there is a revaluation of the “gut feeling” . These colors are pure, honest and like to reveal themselves on smooth, plain materials.


Key words: Optimism, Colours, Fools, Play, Pure colours, Honest, Promise



Foils are omnipresent in fashion. They are also about to burst into the interior. Technically speaking they are a masterpiece and even their functionality serves a higher goal. They owe their breakthrough to the fact they also fulfill an esthetic function. The arrival of the foils is an extension of the success of the metallics in wall paints and the glitter in accessories. It is the proof of the newfound confidence in the future.


Key words: Foils, Metallics, Innovation, Moving Colours, Iridescent Colours, Future, Sci-Fi

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