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We’re a little more than 30 days away from the 2016 edition of  Heimtextil– the world’s largest textile trade show. I am excited to not only see all the new product launches and innovations. I’ll be checking out the Digital Textile Conference as well as Deco Team and of course the Trend Theme Park. This year the WGSN Group from the U.S. is spearheading the design of the Theme Park.

New design themes will be defined by an integrated approach which restores a people-centered design focus with a stronger appeal to the senses. Well-being 4.0 is this year’s trend theme. It is all about textile furnishing that exudes an aura of relaxation and calm; geared towards offering a better life and greater well-being. At the same time, technology and science are intertwined with textiles and play a key role. The number 4.0 echoes ‘industry 4.0’ and stands for smart, digital and customized solutions. Or in a nutshell, the idea is to trigger positive feelings and responses to stimuli at the touch of a button.


‘We need to find ways of connecting what’s natural with what’s artificial,’ comments Lisa Douet, WGSN, underlining one of the core challenges. ‘In addition to respecting technology, we have to ensure that natural materials and handcrafted products have a place on the design shelf of the future too.’

Counting down to the show, here’s a peek at what  Well-being 4.0 looks like.


Protect: good for us

This trend predicts a clean aesthetic, or crisp, understated design. It goes hand-in-hand with a versatile range of wellness products and detox programs. As a valuable and rare commodity, silence takes center stage. It becomes an antidote to a world where we’re constantly connected and increasingly feel the desire to switch off and do ourselves some good. The trend is all about protecting our physical, but above all our psychological needs.


heimtextil_trends_protect_5 heimtextil_trends_protect_4



Energize: digital dreams

People use technology to boost their feelings of well-being. The borders between being online and offline are becoming blurred. And the digital world is encroaching on our physical world. In this process, light is becoming a new way of creating intangible shapes and highlighting dynamic contours. The color spectrum pulsates between strong and weak contrasts. At the same time, bright and virtually fluorescent colors vibrate in comparison with darker electric-blue shades. This high-energy trend livens up the aesthetic with intensive brilliance and gloss, kaleidoscopic patterns and humorous, athletic designs.

heimtextil_trends_energise_1 heimtextil_trends_energise_2



Nourish: sensory design

Urban and natural landscapes converge and spawn a new, sustainable world. The focus is on making areas green. The color palette celebrates the beauty of greens, as well as dark browns and greys, in harmony with elements such as the soil and stone. Natural materials are coupled with pioneering design. Handcrafted products play a special part in the process by accentuating the beauty of the source.

heimtextil_trends_nourish_3 heimtextil_trends_nourish_1



Enrich: appealing to all the senses

The focus is placed on opulent and highly decorative elements which blend cultural references with the past and future. Ornamental ensembles and shimmering, classy materials are eye-catching. Superb, rich colors like plum and crimson abound with metallic gold, brass and bronze elements. A hint of the Orient is blended with iconic patterns which reinterpret classicism with splendor to perfection.

heimtextil_trends_enrich_1 heimtextil_trends_enrich_2


The color palette reflects the idea of purity, lightness and silence found both in day and night. The colors pulsate with high and low contrasts. Intense fluorescent shades vibrate against deep electric shades of blue.  There is an emphasis on greenery, that celebrates the beauty of green along with its environmental elements of stone and earth marking a reemergence of brown. Deep reds and plums are accented with ever present metallics of gunmetal, brass and gold.

wellbeing color palette


Which one of the Well-being 4.0 trends are resonating with you?  Get an up close look at all the trends, inspiration, new products and  innovation  on my daily blog posts, instagram and Facebook during Heimtextil- January 12-15th.



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