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While in Paris last week visiting Le Manach, our wonderful host mentioned that we should make a point of seeing the Interieurs 2011 showhouse held just off the Champs Elysse at Hôtel Dassault This is the second edition of the showcase organized by Architectural Digest( FR) and Artcurial and this year’s theme  – The art of living with art-certainly lives up to its press.

Twelve top French interior designers were invited to illustrate his/her relationship to art, from collaborations with artists to art-inspired sets to the staging of collections. The goal of the producers was to show today’s diversity in interior design and the decorative arts and to reveal future design trends.  This was a not- to- be missed event and we were so excited to be able to see it.

 The cherry on top was lunch at Café Artcurial after viewing the exhibit, as I got to check the Café off my list to eat at in Paris. ( Basically, I wanted to see the restaurant’s interiors designed by Gilles et Boissier.)

The rooms and designers:

  • The Japanese Office by François-Joseph Graf
  • The Caesar Salon by Alain Demachy
  • The Mark Rothko Styled Bedroom by India Mahdavi
  • The Living-room in Optical Illusion by Olivia Putman
  • The Dream-like Library and Bedroom  by Roxane Rodriguez
  • The Sculptural Dining-room by Chahan Minassian
  • The Private Art Gallery by Jean-Louis Deniot
  • The “other” Kitchen by Tristan Auer 
  • The Porcelain Office-Dining-room by Laurent Buttazzoni & Associés
  • The Cocoon to contemplate a video by Pierre Yovanovitch
  • The Three-dimensional Living Room by Thierry Lemaire


Interieurs 2011 – Artcurial by aucoindumondedeco

French showhouses are conceptual as U.S. showhouses are literal. You have to walk through the rooms with an open mind and read between the lines of what the designer was trying to express. My favorites were:

The room as Mark Rothko to India Mahdavi

 The project. The designer uses the palette of  painter Mark Rothko in a patchwork of squares of velvet wool, cotton and silk that lines the walls and extends into curtains.  The multicolored geometric print carpet with animal skin contrasts the walls.

 The decorator. An architect trained in Fine Arts and then at Christian Liaigre, India Mahdavi founded her agency in 1999. She has been exploring different areas ranging from design to interior design, through set design, and master the art of the bold stylistic juxtapositions

 The most outrageous and fabulous!

The Sculptural Dining-room by Chahan Minassian

The project. The decorator showcased the Belgian artist Arne Quinze, famous for  upcycled wooden buildings. A sculpture of wooden beams juxtaposed against gilded and paneled walls that is reflected on a mirrored floor.

The decorator. Chahan Minassian excels in art since 1993 atmospheric sets, mixing subtle shades, textures and game style agreementsFor this Parisian-Armenian, furniture, fabrics, ceramics and works of art are part of the same story.

The “other” Kitchen by Tristan Auer

The room is an architecturial synthesis inspired by the artistic currents of the 20th century such as surrealiasm, arte povera, minimalism and artists that embody these movements like Rene Margitte   The “HABITATION CELL” combines all the functions of the kitchen into a mirrored brass monolith and explores light and space as if in a darkroom with an image projected onto a sensitizied surface.  


The Three-dimensional Living Room by Thierry Lemaire

The project. Parquet Versailles goes from floor to on the walls. A piece of aluminum sculpture by artist Christophe Raynal, is a kind of  metal springs of a chair. Her simple furniture – sofa taupe, buffet and coffee table composed of three modules lacquered white, turquoise and beige – play it down and remember that it is in a salon.

The decorator. Elegance and simplicity define the style of Thierry Lemaire.  This Parisian architect made a debut in the building before going in the decoration of private projects, and appreciates the authentic raw materials he works with modernity.


The Private Art Gallery by Jean-Louis Deniot

The project. The hallway, staircase and gallery suggest the atmosphere of a collector. Jean-Louis Deniot reinterprets, combines and  stylizes in neutral tones patterns borrowed from the paintings of Bernard Frize, Sol LeWitt and Peter Zimmermann for murals, printed carpets and wall fabrics as wispy graphics.

 The decorator. Deniot  is second to none since 2000 to relax the French classicism.  At his best  in the total look, this thirty graduate of the Ecole Camondo prefer the mix of styles in muted silky  shades.

The Porcelain Office-Dining-room by Laurent Buttazzoni & Associés

The project. The cubicles of BSM office furniture welcome a collection of china – pieces by contemporary artists like Klara Kristalova, as well as chinoiserie of the eighteenth century. In the center of the room, a flesh pink banquet table drawn close, the seats high time. Curtains and portieres in buttercup provide the key to the pop scene.

The Decorators. Colorists Fins, Laurent and Frederic Lavaud Buttazzoni boost their rigorous architectures shots by keeping solids alive. The pair met on the banks of ESAG Penninghen before collaborating with Andree Putman, and in 1995 founded their agency, known for its retro-modern achievements.

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