Ribbons and Button and Bows- Oh My!


I have always loved exploring the notions section. Since learning to sew, I have enjoyed the ritual of choosing the perfect thread, the ideal ribbon or emellishment that is the finishing touch. I guess that is why I have always been drawn to the dressmaker’s details and embraced them as my signature.  So when I was  last in Paris, I took some time to discover the wonderful notion stores and ateliers. Armed with Paris Made by Hand – a must -have for a designer traveling in Paris- I found Legeron.

Up three flights on a spiral staircase,  we discovered thousands of floral blossoms being nutured for haute couture. The atelier is on the premise and a peek through the doorway, you’ll see petals being shaped by hand, feathers being dyed and one-of-a-kind headpieces being fashioned.

The coral rose on the corner of the table is part of my purchase. Se it and  the others on my samples in the coming months.

Way too many choices for me!

Much to my delight after returning home I found Nicholas Kniel , purveyor of ribbons, buttons and  If you can’t get to Paris, check out his store, online shop or classes.



A small peek at what he is offering this Spring:

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