Textiles Hot off the Paris Interior Runway- Round 2


Here’s round 2 of some of the key looks “hot off the interior runway” of Paris shows from my post on New England Home’s    design blog.

Lace is Back

After this last round of shows; we can confirm it. Lace is back and hotter than ever. But we are not talking about traditional lace that is created by twisting, looping, or knitting thread in patterns. The lace that is popular today is lace motifs themselves. We are seeing an impressive array of net, tulles, laser cuts and interpretations and reinterpretations of the motif that moves lace out of grandma’s trunk and into the contemporary arena.




Alicia by Nya Nordiska




Fan lace by Cassaro




Ophelia laser cut lace by Jakob Schleapfer




Palazzo by Elitis




Faux silk laser cut reversible lace

Modern English

Design is still on a high from last summer‘s London Olympics, not to mention gaga for Downton Abbey and we’re seeing no slowing down on the the rebirth of English design. It’s manifesting itself  in several forms from boarding  school looks like crests, plaid, flannels, and herringbones; Tradtional Twists of  updated classic looks like chesterfields, Union Jacks, with inspiration from 60’s Twiggy and  Abbey Road to  English Country- Bloomsbury florals,  soft faded wovens, natural lines, and wools.




Harlequin Fabrics




Country weekend by Mulberry Home




Festival collection by Clarke and Clarke distributed by Duralee




Floribunda wallpapers distributed by Duralee




Voyage Fabrics Highlander collection

 It’s a Plaid Plaid World

Which brings us to Tartan plaid. Spinning off on its own trend trajectory, Tartans have everything going for it- color, artisanal craftsmanship, quality and history.   This season we see box plaids, houndstooths and vintage interpretation of tartans associated with Burberry and Scottish Highlanders evolving with novel color combos (i.e.  lilac, blues and mint greens), lurex  looks, unique weights like sheer chiffons or velvets.




Dubochov velvet tartan by Cassaro




Clan by Elitis




Tartans by Mulberry Home




  Fire Tartan rug by Vivenne Westwood for the Rug Company




Highlander by Voyage fabrics

Speaking of Color…

Emerald might be the Pantone color of the year, but blue was the star at the European shows. Blue is definitely a key color for 2013, with hues ranging from sapphire to turquoise and good old denim blue making us fell as comfy as we do in our favorite pair jeans. Touches of red echo back to the Americana. Does upstart Teal offer a design compromise between blue and green?

Our growing love affair with color progresses toward high contrast graphics fueled by Black and White stories with P.O.C. (Pop of Color). No matter what your favorite shade or tint; color is being served up in bold, intense hues and brave color schemes in every room of the house. 




Harlequin fabrics




 Cobalt, Indigo and midnight blues were everywhere




Blue + Green and Teal in-between




Striking black and white create drama in any room




 Big Bold color in Mondrian velvet by Cassaro




Unusual color schemes will be increasingly important


We’re inspired to merge materials and techniques of different ages. There is freedom to play with historical boundaries and combine them with contemporary materials and techniques. Technology allows us to combine arts, crafts and folklore with iconic as core concept for decorating all in the name of Modern Vintage. Embroideries are a huge part of this. Large in scale with intricate stitches; some with applique, cross stitch or laser cuts are explorations of the mixing and melding of technique, materials and technology.




This room’s Traditional bones frame a mix of prints and wovens inspired by iconic design and traditional craft




 Pleat, Cut, Fold a key theme in surface design




Mixed media make for stunning results in this tieback




Punched felt is crossstitched in Gan’s area rug and furniture collection.




Pierre Frey’s embroidered, appliqued wool works on so many levels.




 Wool applique by Travers




 A mix of print, embroidery create this stunning floral by Travers




 Cassaro’s sheer is embroidered with reflective tape.

Baroque on the Horizon

This isn’t your 90’s nouveau riche over-the-top baroque, but a fabulous mix of intricate detailing, deep, intense color and texture and just the right amount of luster.Velvets are on-trend, and key into the baroque themes that are starting to emerge in fabric patterns. Deep intense color also leads to layered dramatic looks. Look for Skins, snake, croc , jacquards, leather, pierced metals , brass, lacquers, we are even seeing a hint that moirés are coming back. Supported by iridescence and the shine we mentioned in round 1 look for stylings that are a modern mix of high Victoriana, Art Deco and Hollywood Glamour. 


 Picture 045

Tsarina by Cassaro



Velvet Polka Dot by Brochier




Pixelated velvet damask



Moire by Dedar




Bedding by Etro




Area rug by JD Staron for Nobilis




 Metallic damask by Jakob Schlepfer




 This cut velvet floral will be in our sample books soon.




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