Trend Alert#6: Lace


“Lace- the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen.”

Federico de Vinciolo

Lace is back.

As supported by the design studios like Indigo, lace is a popular design direction for the next couple of years.  But this isn’t Grandma’s lace doilies; look for lace rendered in fresh ways, unusual materials and in unique color and pattern combinations. Today’s lace is too fashion forward and created in many too forms and materiasl to be old fashioned. We love the dichotomy of lace- its charming innocence paired with mystery concealing as much as it reveals. Lace is can be sexy and sweet at the same time. It all adds up to an intriguing medium for interiors.

"Energy" laser lace by Creation Baumann

Customizable chain link fence through Droog USA

Another reason we love lace- the romantic softening of interiors as we move post recession. Lace adds personality because with visual and tactile layering.

Dareen Henault's Kips Bay Dressing Room

Metallic lace is one thing, but lace made of entwined human hair? It may sound revolting, but in fact, it is quite beautiful!  Kerry Howley took inspiration from the wallpaper patterns she discovered at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture and turned up the Victorian artwork a notch. Attraction/Aversion is Kerry’s award winning graduate collection.

Modern Lace by BandJ Fabrics

1000 gallon oil tank by Cal Lane for Lace in Translation

Cal Lane's Wheelbarrow

Concrete lace by Doreen Westphal and G.tecz

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