Trend Preview: Origins at MoOd


MoOD’s, the Brussels based textile trade show held every September , 2016 Trend is Origins: inspiration looking for its Source. Origins is an expedition to the source of interior inspiration, the mother of all designs. The three sub themes explore the different paths we take. MoOd promises those who follow their search for the “source” an interesting experience. After all, the voyage is often more interesting than the destination.

Disruptive Luxury

The 21st century is branded by a schism in the perception of luxury. While glamour is considered an old-fashioned luxury in the West, explicit ‘showing off’ of status is a must in the rest of the world. We are looking for the source of luxury and the future of it.

The West has had a long track record when it comes to the production and design of luxury goods. But tastes are changing and with it the perception of what is luxurious and what is not. We are reinventing the standards, in particular the love of the traditional and  old crafts.  Science and technology not only create new products, they also influence the perception of luxury. They get rid of the old and make way for the new, breakthrough (disruptive) luxury.


MoOd  is first a textile show and we see disruptive luxury in textiles, too.. There are already plenty of experiments with nanotechnology and biomimicry. Scientists are already capable of growing a ‘fabric’ according to a plan through the use of bacteria, spores and fungi. Although large scale production is not something that will happen tomorrow, it does influence the imagery of current creations.

Ancient History

The cradle of creativity is in ancient history. The luring call and the stories, the first designs, the first fabrics and the first colors. More and more designers are fascinated by the romance and fantasy from the distant past. They build upon it or confront it with modern day techniques and materials.




The trend ties into the huge interest for historical heritage. Digging into fabric house archives and ancient art are very current in textile design. The encounter between old and new in particular, often leads to remarkable creations. In fashion for example, the creations of young talent Alice Archer are very much inspired by historic textiles and ancient art: “I am really drawn to the historic and painterly” she reveals in an interview with Browns Fashion. “I’ve always been mesmerized by historic textiles – the narratives and symbolism of the Medieval “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries, ecclesiastical opus anglicanum textiles and Mary Queen of Scots‘ emblematic embroideries.”


Hack The Color

Is color science or emotion, or a combination of both? Trend colors come and go, but the real ‘hit’ is in the combination of colors and how you scheme it. ‘Hack The Color’ puts color in a different spotlight and focuses on the origin of combinations. Although trend colors may determine a large part of today´s color palette, it’s the combinations that make all the difference. Designers are looking for the ‘Origins’ of a harmonious or bold palette. They are looking in art, nature or simply by means of beautiful images. They hack those color palettes and rework them. This trend expresses our ultimate fascination for the mystery of color.

hack1 hack


These images are made with an iPhone by photographer Benjamin Lowy. They provide a kaleidoscopic image of a city and harbour -a deeply mysterious palette that almost asks to be hacked

Images courtesy of MoOd.

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