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I think every designer, at some point, has a hard time making up their mind and an even harder time when it’s their own project. I can design all day for someone else, but when it comes to making a decision for my home I sometimes have a mental block. Whether it’s because I am afraid that if I move forward with the window- the perfect fabric, trim or hardware will come along later and I’ll have designer’s remorse or maybe it is too many choices. I am in that dilemma now and it’s time to make a decision and move on. It’s only windows!

So… In the spirit of crowdsourcing, I thought I’d ask you for help.

Here is the room, my inspiration and top three choices. What would you do? Let me know what you think and vote for what you would do. Help me out. If you get inspired shoot me a note in the comments. I’d love it!  

The guest room has dark espresso walls, white trim and cream carpet. Light is reflected by a chandelier, mirrored tables and crystal lamps. A upholstered headboard with sexy curves and vermicelli quilted coverlet carries out the Hollywood Regency feel. At the foot of the bed is an upholstered bench. There are two windows in the room that need dressing and  I’ll remove the wood blinds for the new treatment.

Shaped Valance – love the curves that mimic headboard, but it’s too basic. I’ll take it up a notch by marrying the shaped valance and the mirrors in the room and do antique mirrored cornices- very Helena Rubenstein. Panels and sheers filter light during the day and give privacy at night. Like the idea of layers.

Finding my tastes changing a bit. I am drawn to graphic repetition; modern looks mixed with classic French design. Wesco’s Crème Brulee in woodland . Metallic and silky cord couched in a vertical stripe 14” apart. JF Fabrics faux bois sheer- Precious.  Bench fabric  with bird is  Pindler and Pindler.

Classic stylings of Italian strung draperies inspired option 2. I’ll hide a roller shade for privacy underneath. High contrast  is the theme in the draperies -coming in two punches of color- honeysuckle and orange. I’ll do a box pleated heading, BUT the first pleat space in from the leading edge  is pieced and sewn on the reverse revealing the tangerine hue and creating a stripe in 6”.

This is where I began and the simplest option- sheers and panels on decorative hardware mounted at the crown.  The sheers are trimmed with espresso velvet ribbon on the leading edge and the treatment is hung from 2 different  rods. A small  brass rod for the sheers and a fluted pole with brass rings playing off the gold finishes in the room. OR a plexi rod for the sheers and silver washed pole for the panels.

What would you do with these windows?

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