#4 Window Fashion Fabulosity


9windowfabulous It’s #TBT -so today’s Window Fashion Fabulosity is in honor of our grandmothers and mothers who probably had Austrian valances or shades under their formal layered treatments back in the day. Austrian shades, with their soft scallops, are making a comeback. They traditionally have been a popular choice, but have been quiet in the past several years. Similar to Balloon shades, the headings can be gathered or pleated. The style is generally made with 2-to-1 fullness across the width and 3-to-1 fullness in length. The extra fullness creates a scalloped bottom and ruching across the face. The scallops are typically 10″-15″ in width. We usually see Austrian shades done in sheers but can be stunning when used in cotton prints and other medium weight fabrics. Next time your looking for a window treatment that isn’t run of the mill; try Austrians.

They work in any setting from contemporary to traditional. untitled



Austrian shades are a combination of two popular types of blinds – Festoon and Roman. From Festoon blinds they have inherited the sumptuous and ruched look; while the Roman shade part of the lineage gives them simplicity and neatness. Austrians appeared in the 18th century, becoming fashionable after they were used for decoration of the royal palaces of Louis XIV and the Austrian court, which was famous for its grandeur and splendor.


Here are some  Austrian specs to get you started. Check with your workroom or fabricator to see what their specifications are before ordering

. austrianspecs

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