Trade Secret: Inside Le Manach


Personalization and  customization are the buzzwords of the moment, but who knew that Le Manach has been doing it for almost a century.  With my love of all things French and passion for textiles , it is not coincidence that I have followed the Le Manach  brand for years. I have collected several of their mise en cartes, samples, even silk bobbins from the jacquard looms.  So while I was in Paris in January for Paris Deco Off, It was great to spend sometime in their archives and to catch up with what they are up to as part of the Pierre Frey family.

Le Manach’s Toile de Tours collection offers easy customization and they have been doing it since the 20’s. There are 110 patterns that can be produced in a combination of 220 colors and a choice of 3 textures.  Understanding that it is sometimes hard to visualize the finished look, Pierre Frey has launched an online tool to make it even easier.

They can create your custom pattern, in your own texture and colors in less than 30 days. How do they do it??  It’s their little trade secret. All of this woven and made to order bespoke in 3-5 weeks; in France; in a weaving mill awarded with the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

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