#8 Window Fashion Fabulosity


You have to know where to hang ’em…. That’s one reason to hire a pro.


Mount ‘em High-   Rule of thumb is to mount rod or board up a minimum of 4”-8” above top of trim if not mounting at the ceiling. This is done so the drapery covers the trim when closed, and the underpinnings don’t show outside. Standard drapery brackets need 1-3/4” to mount above trim, so you should be mounting up at least 2”. Here are some of my window fashion expert tips:

  • Always check to see if there is enough room for rod above and finials on the side.
  • Ceiling mounts- I like to start at the ceiling and work down. Keep in mind, finial height and ring clearance. Top treatments should be mounted at ceiling if possible, when draperies go to floor.
  • Windows or doors at different heights in a room should have treatments mounted using the height of highest window as a guideline.
  • Try not to mount less than 4” below ceiling- it creates a cavity that looks like it should be filled.
  • Mount directly below wide crown molding.
arches dont

Oops. A better option would have been to done a custom bent rod around the arch or three short poles to hold the panels.

Ok, I couldn’t help myself.  I have to mix in some Don’ts along with all the fabulous window fashion Dos.

bad mount

Nothing says ready made like mounting on the frame.

bad mount

What were they thinking?



Hang your treatment with a visual reference point.



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