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Apps are coming to the marketplace fast and furious. I wanted to share several that I am loving and that I think you’ll fine fab too.  I have also added a couple to the laundry list that I haven’t had a chance to play around with, but have great reviews. What are your favorite apps for your design business?


Pen Ultimate- Now that its under Evernote’s umbrella; it’s free. If you haven’t tried it, you’ll find this the most intuitive sketching and inking app ever. Use it to brainstorm and sketch with clients, add measures to pictures of the project, doodle, space plan and a whole lot more.

Magic Plan- OK you have to try this one especially if you are a stager. This app draws floor plans using your camera and GPS (goes through obstructions.) The WOW factor alone will close the sale. I like to use my iPhone over the iPad as it’s easier to handle. It does take a bit of practice and it really shouldn’t be used if you need critical measures, but if you want a plan to place furnishings or sketch in rough structural changes this is it.

Room Planner by Chief Architect – great app and you can buy more modules.

Photoshop  Touch – I love the tutorials that walk you through all the tasks.

iTap – remote access app; can access you computer files. Studio Online uses it.

Animoto – thinking about doing video? This app is the go- to way to turn pictures into videos.

Hours Tracker This app and Cube are must- haves if you are charging by the hour for any or all of your services.


Waze- if you are always fighting traffic – check out this crowdsourced traffic and navigation  app that shares real time road info and was just purchased by Goggle( they no a good app when they see it).

iHandy Carpenter  The iHandy Carpenter app will turn your phone into a five common home improvement tools: a bubble level bar, surface level, ruler, protractor, and plumb bob.

Interior Design for the iPad  2D and 3 D rendering app.



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