Ample Sample Winner


Noted for its adaptability to a commercial or residential setting as well as its dual-function as room divider and acoustic barrier, judges selected MOD SCREEN as the 2011 Ample Sample Design Challenge winner At first look,  I immediately saw this asa window covering hung from a vertical or panel track so its traverses . In addition, Mod Screen earned high marks for number of samples used and the use of zinc fasteners which make the screen totally recycleable at the end of its lifespan.

Mod Screen designer, Steven Rothe, Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd, Minneapolis, MN, takes home $500 cash in addition to having his design featured at NeoCon 2011. Congratulations !


The design story behind Mod-Screen is one of utter reuse, taking small strips from cut up or whole carpet tile samples and assembling them into a reticulated screen of any size. Too many times, carpet tile samples get cut down for presentation purposes and the remainder is thrown away, not being seen as useful. Mod-Screen seeks to change this by taking small strips of the high performance raw material, each of which is less than 3% of the sample, and transforming it into a space dividing screen with acoustical properties. By taking advantage of carpet tile’s tensile strength and linking it with zinc hardware fasteners, the entire screen is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan. The proof-of-concept mockup, made from just over four carpet tile samples, is 36” wide by 30” high with the rendering showing six of these units together.

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