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Being – You are How You Live- the Heimtextil Trend for 2013/2014 is much more than the products, materials and colors that reflect the leading interior directions.  This year’s Trend Table headed by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam notes that  the home is seen as an important aspect of each of our  individual makeups. Being focuses on our thoughts, ideas and inspirations that influence society, architecture, fashion and design merging into form a broad, firm foundation for the new trends.

“The new trend themes concentrate on concepts to which we all feel we have emotional ties”, says Anne Marie Commandeur  “Rooms with character are created and just as much thought is given to intimate inspirations and personal longings as to practical needs.” So it’s natural that the Trend Table would choose to tell the trend’s story through personalities.

Each of the four personalities have their own clear concept of life and being. The four personalities are the historian, the eccentric, the inventor, the geologist. Here’s a more detailed look at each of the trends:




The historian is a treasurer of the past, seeking value and discovering ways to make history relevant to contemporary life.  The historian is partial to noble products of supreme craft and artisanship with aristocratic élam. He gains inspiration from the late 16th and the 17th century, epochs characterised by a wealth of historical art and exquisite craftsmanship.

Expressive ornamentation, luxurious decorations and wonderful details radiate an aristocratic dynamism. The historian is an aficionado of luxury with a sense for the quality and origins of objects. Thus, textiles with a layered look are part of this, as are net fabrics and artistic embroidery. A variety of different techniques and materials, from lace-making to laser cuts, reveal not only the broad spectrum of historical but also of future-oriented arts & crafts.


The home is brightened by shimmering gold, bronze and copper, as well as sophisticated reflections from material surfaces. The color palette is muted by the absence of bright light.  Day light shimmers through to reveal pearlescent pales, candlelit metallic sheen and dim and mysterious dark shades.


 The Eccentric

The eccentric is a hunter and collector, chasing the exquisite and the unique, cherishing and mixing discoveries with darling eclecticism.  The eccentric assembles flamboyant concepts that have a timeless quality and an extremely decorative character.The eccentric searches for unique items, curiosities and original articles distinguished by exotic or ethnic influences.


At all events, what he finds must be traditional and authentic. Known as The modern Dandy and Bohemian loves elegantly made textiles, such as hand-colored silk, extremely lustrous artificial snakeskin, upholstery fabrics inspired by suit fabrics or oriental jacquards. In his home, we find patterns with ethnic florals and patterns.

The wall coverings take their inspiration from textiles. The color palette is a range that stages the abundant as well as the understated to enable the flamboyant color clashes where extravagance meets elegance and exoticism.


 The Inventor

The inventor is an intelligent free thinker, experimenting and researching solutions to make life fulfilling, fun and exciting.  The inventor is fond of concepts in which function meets fun, wellness and entertainment,and is eager to leave a personal trace on designs. His yearning takes him to undiscovered worlds full of marvels and adventure.

He loves to try new things, a character trait that has a decisive influence on the design process.

Fabrics are literally brought to life: they sway, flutter and grow as flowery ornaments – extremely sensuous and tactile. The inventor experiments with extraordinary upholstery fabrics, openwork weaves and meshwork. Foamed textiles create an airy depth and give rooms and furniture a new look. Technical veils, iridescent films and latex are also used. Feather-light constructions play with light and reflections.

The color palette is a playful range of vivid shades.  The intrigue is drawn by the strong contrasts, combining the clinical with the organic, the hat with the frozen and sparkling understated functionality with a healthy dose of amusement.


The Geologist

The nature lover appreciates and protects the earth and all its treasures. He researches into them down into the deepest layers and travels on a journey of discovery to find the unknown and unexpected. He knows the quality and origins of a product. He is fascinated by the irregularities of geological surfaces. In his environment, natural structures are upgraded by colourful marl aspects and winding, viral patterns, as well as rough graininess, bark-like textures and rustic leather, skin or natural cork

Blotch effects bring otherwise sober surfaces to life. Broken, mysterious brightness flashes from the materials. The color palette reflects the enigmatic dark side of nature. Intensive colors are sparked with brights and metallic sheen to light up our urban caves. Irregular surface effects breathe life into dense and understated natural shades


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