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High Point Market just released two sets of trends from last month’s market. Right Now details seven looks that are important to the Home today and Right One The Edge showcases seven trens on the horizon. Because to aim to be fashion forward, here are the seven key looks that are Right on The Edge.

Retro Runway

Mad Men and a mad, mad world have us reaching back for a nostalgic feeling. Retro looks were all the rage on the runways, and those styles will be stepping into the home.

Look for Mid-Century Modern Danish Modern and French Deco-look antiques from the ’30s and ’40s as the inspiration for upcoming designs 1970s It’s ba-ack! The big bold patterns and avocado greens are very au courant Lady Like On the runway, it was pearls and twinsets. In the home, the look will translate with lace, eyelets, ruffles, and crochet.

Verne’s Victoriana

A heady mixture of Victorian and industrial is gaining ground as a cultural phenomenon as much as a fashion statement, and it’s beginning to make an impact in home furnishings.

The Steam Punk Movement hits home Victoria meets Jules Verne with proper silhouettesreconfigured in industrial metals Gears and Rivets married with crystal and velvet.

Pattern Play

As always, we find inspiration in nature and travel, but it’s where we focus our attention next that garners the buzz. We’re seeing : Out of Africa Bead patterns and tribal looks Fret Work -The newest Asian inspiration is fretwork and folk art chinoiserie South of the Border Mexican textiles and woven patterns The Buzz -Honeycomb shapes are finding a home, and we also see bees and apples as early trends.

Color Is Coming

Color is on the horizon( actually I thought it was already here). Look for the ’70s to be a major influence on the colors for 2011 and 2012.

Watch forPurple -Either with greyed tones or paired with grey Teal- This blue-green combo packs a punch Melon- A juicy color will brighten the color spectrum Olive green- In light and dark variations.

French Connection

Ah, Paris – the romance, the history, the je ne sais quoi. Forget the Brit invasion, we’re feeling a need for joie de vivre.

Oh La La, my favorite trend topic is French Inspiration. Look for Antique Chic -The next big thing to inspire designers will be French antiques of the ’30s and ’40s Old World Romance Heraldic symbols, fleur de lys, quatrefoils, and hardware fit for a castle on the Seine.

Art Gallery

Art has always inspired, but today’s interpretations feature grand works directly on the furnishings themselves. So will home furnishings become the next big thing in the art world?

Modern Art Scribbles and splashes that would be welcome in MoMA Master Class Grand paintings that evoke Dutch Masters and famous Italians Expressionism with it’s Fresh and colorful designs from artists such as Paule Marrot.

Glass Act

The material of choice for forward-thinking designers, glass is finding its way into fascinating forms.

Mercury Rising Mercury glass is staging a comeback, along with vintage or antiqued looks Hue Knew Colors range from jewel tones to soft earth tones Organic Tree shapes, gingko leaves, and other organic styles Craft Made Handcrafted looks are key.


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