Last Minute Gifts for a Designer You Know


I am making my list and checking it twice… here are a couple of things on my wish list I am coveting. What’s on your wish list? Tell me by leaving a comment. Happy Holidays.

Hang and Level

I saw this on late night TV (I know its cheesy, but sometimes you can find a gem) and immediately put it on my list. Any designer who works with art, accessories, staging or makeovers should have Hang and Level in their toolbox.

ipad Moleskine

 I love my ipad, but I would love this hybrid cover from Moleskine even more.  Think I need one for my iphone too!

Vitra Chandelier

I adore chairs! This gives me the best of both worlds. I can fuel my affection for chairs and still have space to move around in my lab- oh, I mean house.

Vitra has been making minature versions of its chairs for years. inspired by them Paola Pivi  made this chandelier entirely from these small chairs with an aluminum structure to hold them together. Each one is composed in a ball formation that measures approximately 28 inches in diameter and is made from a unique selection of the miniature chairs.

Appy Holiday – an itunes card for my favorite apps. If you’re in the design business and you aren’t tech savvy. Well, been nice knowing you. Design is riding the tech wave and if you’re not on it, well….


I am an avid magazine reader and this app has gotten me organized and away from all the tear outs and piles of articles to be read. Now  I curate my own magazine through Flipboard. Flipboard has managed to publish arguably the prettiest, most fluid content app without paying a single editorial team, photographer or journalist. The souped-up news aggregator launched this year as a reader that transforms links from social networks into a slick e-magazine with images and copy pulled from the source. My favrorite way to read these days.

Mark on Call

Mark on Call


Pages for iPad combines robust writing and advanced layout tools with the simplicity of Multi-Touch. So you can create all kinds of documents — including newsletters, reports, brochures, and flyers — using just your fingers. use these apps for presentations, proposals etc. for clients.

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