Three Things Influencing Millennials’ Design Choices

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Driven by the unique experiences of their generation, Millennials’ décor choices, shopping patterns, and design influences are all different from those of earlier generations. The power of the Millennial in the next 5 years will profoundly impact design. Here are three key elements influencing Millennials’ attitudes about design.

1. Diverse Tastes. Millennials have grown up in a period when US family structures are radically diversifying. According to Technomic, 41% of US Millennials are members of ethnic or racial minorities – more than any previous generation. Millennials’ design and home furnishing tastes reflect that. They are more willing to take risks- risk means something completely different to them- so they are comfortable with a variety of design styles and products.  What they need is a design mentor  to help them focus.

2. Love Customization. Millennials have a high level of self-awareness and focus. They want to “understand their place in the world and what it means. ” Meaning they are keen to customize everything. That’s right up our alley! Create an intuitive shopping experience for your customers.  Look at some of the curated web experiences out there for inspiration. Develop a short online quiz, to completely personalize the project to the customer’s style and shopping preferences

3. Always Connected. Compared to other generations, American Millennials  view technology as simplifying, instead of complicating, life and  they are  texting regularly, using social networking, and adopting an “always-on” lifestyle.  According to iProspect,  affluent millennials who refer to themselves as influencers, purchase products and services online on a daily basis, while Generation Xers purchase weekly and Baby Boomers purchase monthly. Do you have an online presence? Is it Mobile?

Plus, Millennials will shift from conspicuous to conscious consumption.  Social, environmental, and ethical values will guide Millennials’ purchases, a characteristic already seen in their rent-rather-than-buy attitudes of the sharing economy.  Why buy a car when Zipcar will get you where you want to go without the hassles of car payments and maintenance?  Why buy an expensive dress you’ll only wear once, when lets you borrow designer-brand fashion for a “one night stand”?

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Infographic from Flowtown

Sources: Pew Research/ Wikipedia

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