Now that’s a Curtain!


Austrian architecture firm hertl architekten recently finished this project- ‘aichinger house’, a multi-story apartment building consisting of two flats in Kronstorf, Austria. The structure, which once housed a restaurant, is treated to a textile skin which lends the building a light, curtain effect by applying a material which is normally reserved for the indoors. The project inspired by today’s use of skins for everything from phones to website design, it explores the flexibility of facades and skins.


The facade appears almost metallic from a distance, the design wraps the whole exterior of the building in the light grey fabric, rendering the layout and form of the interior hidden from the outside viewer. 

Iron embraces strategically placed part the curtain at the window to allow daylight into the apartments. Much like interior draperies,  the skin can be drawn closed to provide shade and diffusion of light. During the night, the fabric provides a paper lantern effect, distributing the glow from the building to the exterior.

I have to say this gives new meaning to tab tops or even rod pocket tops and bottoms!

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  • Curtains Tailoring 5 March, 2024, 8:54 am

    Wow, talk about architectural innovation! The ‘aichinger house’ by hertl architekten in Kronstorf, Austria, is more than just a building – it’s a stunning display of creativity and functionality. The use of a textile skin, typically reserved for indoor settings, gives this structure a mesmerizing curtain-like appearance. It’s fascinating how the facade, with its light grey fabric, disguises the building’s interior layout while embracing daylight through cleverly positioned openings. And let’s not overlook the nighttime transformation, where the fabric turns the building into a radiant paper lantern, illuminating the surroundings. It’s like the structure comes alive with its own unique personality! Indeed, this project pushes the boundaries of architectural design, proving that even the simplest materials can create extraordinary effects. Truly, a masterpiece that blends form, function, and a touch of whimsy – a curtain call for creativity!

  • Iqra Zarmeen 14 March, 2024, 3:00 pm

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