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Mecho Shade Iceland Collection

MechoSystems has launched a new series of fully recyclable shadecloths, created in collaboration with William McDonough, one of the world’s most well-known advocates for sustainable design.Based on MechoSystems’ EcoVeil® shadecloths, this collection has a unique and highly personal inspiration. The patterns in this series are inspired by McDonough’s own photographs, collected during his visits to Iceland. The collection includes 5 jacquard weave patterns , each in several colorways interpreting the stunning natural landscape of Iceland.


The shadecloth material is a technical nutrient—the Cradle to Cradle term for non-natural materials that are safe, highly stable, and used in closed-loop manufacturing cycles that take materials from producer to consumer and back again indefinitely. (Typically, shadecloths are woven with a PVC jacket and a core of fiberglass or polyester core, which cannot be separated for reuse.)  The Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) yarn used in the shadecloth fabric is more than merely PVC-free; it can be reclaimed and recycled indefinitely.

UPDATE: Shadecloth Sample Box. 

The shadecloth package is MechoSystems’ completely redesigned collection of window-covering samples.The ensemble—including both the legacy and brand-new shadecloth groups—provides architects and designers with all the shadecloth information they require, assembled in a handsome eco-friendly polyethylene box.

Features of the Shadecloth Solutions collection:
• More than 190 shadecloths
• Visually transparent blackout and acoustical materials
• Many GreenGuard® and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM
• A handsome translucent container
• Graphically clear shadecloth selection guide
• Provision of all technical data
• Ease of use
• Ergonomic package design
• A range of color-coded booklets
• Recyclable PVC-free polyethylene box


Sebastopol Occasional Table for Coalesse

Speaking of Iceland…

The Sebastopol collection features two perfectly-matched shapes that are available in two heights enabling the creation of limitless table configurations. A uniquely flexible line, Sebastopol transforms to accommodate a variety of settings; from a lounge setting to an impromptu meeting space.

Wanting a large work surface, but not having the room for one in her small space, designer Emilia Borgthorsdottir  broke up the whole surface and started playing with  geometric shapes; refining them until the proportions felt right. “I am a problem solving person and bringing up new perspectives is one of my strengths,” said Borgthorsdottir.  “I like to create aesthetically pleasing products that ease the activities of daily living, focusing on the function and ergonomic value of the design.”


Originally from Iceland, but now working and living in the U.S., Emilie said that after seeing the finished product it reminds her of the glaciers in her native Iceland and how they can break away or butt together. She submitted the drawings to Coalesse 2 years ago at NeoCon, one week after graduating from design school. After hearing that Coalesse was not adding them to their collection she moved on in the design world until last summer when they contacted her telling her that they wanted to produce the tables. One year later she’s back in Chicago launching the collection.  Sebastopol is offered in an impressive mix of surface materials to match almost any décor.  It has glossy interiors that come in five different laminate colors balanced with wood exteriors in oak or walnut veneer with optional sheen finishes.

 Mannington Equinox Collection

Mannington’s new collection is a great example of the new work- where it’s all about collaboration. Reaching out to Korean design firm,Ryan Harc through the Behance  to create Equinox; it’s obvious that this was a winning move.   is inspired by the play of light and shadow.  Equinox offers visual fields of light & shadow rendered as pure texture. Further testament that collaboration leads to innovation, the collection Uses a proprietary ultra-large denier fiber with patented variable twist technology.

Mannington Commercial @ NeoCon 2011 (Natalie Jones) from neoconwtf on Vimeo.

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