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Europe in January? Some would say not so glamorous or the right time of year. But I love it because I get my design booster shot at the international design shows like Heimtextil immCologne  Maison & Objet and Paris Deco Off. I get to see what the forecasters have been huddling over their trend tables about, a sneak peek at what our suppliers will be showing and what are clients will be swooning over in the coming months.

 Deco Off

Each show has a particular focus and for a fabr-i-alcoholic like me it’s all about searching out the newest textiles. The January editions of Maison and Objet and its off-site counterpart, Paris Deco Off are a a designer’s fabric dream. Every luxury textile purveyor is strutting their stuff in what seems to be a never ending round of new colors, weaves, surface details and technical marvels. Plus, it’s Paris! Here’s a roundup of some of the key looks “hot off the interior runway” of Paris shows.


Watercolor florals are a major trend that continues to grow. Pixelated, brushstroked, painterly floral patterns) abound in all shapes and sizes. Some of the pattern’s delicate colorways forecast a move in to a more pastel palette. Moving forward, look for inspiration from exotic botanicals from around the world; moving into flora and fauna combos and new interpretations of the vegetable universe. Complementing these patterns are bold vivid stripes, modern embroidered sheers, and contemporary jacquard designs that create masculine balance to the decided femininity of these floras.


Designers Guild     Photo credit: Susan Schultz


Black  Edition Orchis collection by Romo Fabrics

Photo credit: Romo


Bluebell Grey, a UK design studio made up of two young artist turn their watercolors into fabrics, cushions, and accessories.  Photo credit: Susan Schultz


Manuel Canovas recolored and reissued this pattern from their archives in celebration of their anniversary.  Photo credit: Deb  Barrett

Pattern Mashups

Now that we have embraced color in all kinds of ways and found that we can’t live without it, we are ready to swath our rooms in dizzy displays of pattern. Pattern mashups that are just around the corner.

Mix it up this season by patching together opposing print styles. Look for collaged  florals with geometrics, engineered pattern repeats,  inlays of  soft filtered photos into hard edged forms for a modern look and  manipulated motifs from across the globe.  Geometrics are the glue that holds it all together, but the lattice and fretworks patterns we covet peaking. The “Neo Geo” looks take their cues from past decorative arts movement like Art Deco and Bauhaus. These patterns look fresh in more angular, packed and smaller scale designs. On the horizon- honeycombs, hexagons or shapes within a shape.

Pierre-FreyPatrick Frey turned over the reins of his showroom on rue du Mail to up and coming designer Laura Gonzales and she did not disappoint. Here, she transformed one of the rooms into in this baroque riot of pattern, texture and color.


Pattern mashup in black and white with a POC( Pop of Color). Designers Guild. Photo Credit: Deb Barrett


Digitally printed cushions


Patchwork -Wallpapers by Deyrolle



NeoGeo Look from Textiles Vilber


You name it I saw it- vertical, horizontal, broken, brushstrokes, awning and pin stripes. Every manufacturer had at least one in its collection and they appeared in all kinds of color schemes and sizes.


Jim Thompson’s Grand Vizier collection stripe 2115. Photo credit: Jim Thompson


Sonia Rykiel for Lelievre. Photo credit: Lelievre


Zimmer Rohdes’ Joy. Photo credit: Zimmer Rohde


Ikat Stripe Papageno by Ulf Moritz for Sacho


Como by Cassaro. Photo credit: Cassaro


Alexander McQueen for Designers Guild. Photo credit: Deb Barrett

Shine/ metallic

Bling is a thing of the past for the high-end market. Over the top luxury is not in-your-face anymore; it is about the quality and the story behind the sophistication. That said, it is clear that metallics are on the rise again. If you are looking for materials for wallcoverings, upholstery, window treatments, room dividers, or lighting you can’t go wrong with metallics. Metallics and metals in all forms made their presence known at the shows.  Look for burnished lusters and polished looks- not  the crass bling.  Rose gold and copper are on the upswing. Metallics with colored undertones, mother of pearlescents and highly  lacquered  finishes will be in demand. Shine evolves with opulent textiles such as satin, silk, & velvet using sleek shapes& clean lines.


Laura Kirar for Highland Court. Photo credit: Highland Court


Sealskin sequins by Jakob Schleapfer. Photo: Jakob Schleapfer


Mother of Pearl paste finish on  Hanoi by Cassaro




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