The One That Got Away


We have all been haunted by an object of desire. You know what I am talking about; that nagging feeling in your stomach  after you’ve left  that piece behind. Yep, I know it all too well. The first day of my trip to High Point Market, heck the first hour I was there I came across a sideboard from French Renaissance at the Antique and Design Center that was PERFECT. So perfect in fact I was considering buying two. I took  pics  and all the measures, spoke to the shipping guy and was giddily redecorating my dining room to make a place for it.  But instead pulling the trigger then and there, I said I’d be back the next day to purchase it. ( After all,  I had only been in HP an hour). Long story short- when I went back it was gone 🙁  The proverbial piece that got away. I  had once again learned my lesson to go with my gut, not my head…



French sideboard in bleached wood with parquet top, carving, curved end doors and center drawers from French Renaissance.



The second piece I wanted to use as bathroom cabinetry


What did not get away were these 2 French borders from the 19th century – they’ll be a header on a pair of panels or wrap a bolster on a sofa- and this pelmet with metal bullion. This girl can’t resist antique passementerie.





Stay tuned for my other favorite finds and trends I spotted at High Point Market later this week.


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