Trend Alert#3: Pimp my Home


“Pimp my Home” is one of imm cologne’s trend mottos for the coming season. When it comes to creative scope, there’s no place like your own four walls. And there are plenty of accessories and decorating ideas for “pimping” the place up, even on a small budget. There are sure to be plenty of new and exciting ideas to discover at the imm cologne 2012. This trend is:

* Layouts and functional zones are breaking up

* Modern living stands for: anything goes, no musts!

* Above all, furniture has to be flexible

* Furniture is getting smaller

* New materials are making their way into the home

These days, furnishing a home means breaking down the old, traditional boundaries, putting the television in the kitchen area, turning the dining table in the live-in kitchen into command central complete  and putting the bathtub in the bedroom.  As people’s requirements of their homes have changed, the arrangement of the rooms has undergone fundamental changes as well.

The clearly delimited areas of the past are merging with one another – and have broken away from their old functions. We no longer ask themselves what belongs in our living room, but what we want to do in that space . The “either-or” model of old is being replaced by an emphatic “both-and” approach.

Bling bathtub

This freedom within our own four walls allows for a huge amount of creative autonomy. One thing is certain: people’s homes are becoming increasingly important to them. New studies show that the home is evolving into the focal point of our social lives. Communication tools like smartphones, netbooks and tablet computers are contributing to the trend to retreat home.  If you’re going to spend that much time at home, you want a habitat that’s good for the soul.

House of Habit's custom furniture legs

As a result, Modern furniture has to fulfill many functions. All in all, furniture is getting smaller again because it can be used for all sorts of different things. Sofas, for instance, can easily be adjusted to create bigger seating surfaces. Desks only need a small work space because the technical equipment is getting smaller, display cabinets can be narrow because the LED lighting doesn’t take up any space. Poufs that can be carried around the home are flexible seating options that fit in anywhere. Tables can be extended in next to no time when friends come for dinner, and flatscreen TVs can be made to disappear into the sideboard at the push of a button.

imm cologne will showcase this trend and Visionary Design: “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” created by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. They will shake up the  conventional ideas about living.

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