Trend Alert#4: Maison & Objet’s CRAZY


Maison and Objet’s Observatoire says, “Enough of gloom and doom in this crazy world! A pinch of folly and caustic humor can let your imagination take the wheel. It’s time to champion the right to a breath of mental fresh air, to have fun. Quirky, festive creativity is turning to whimsy and humor. Insolence and irony, extravagance and outrageousness are sweeping away things we’ve all seen before. Now is the time for sweet delirium and highly euphoric abnormality. In the offbeat bazaar of our contemporary cabinet of curiosities, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and it feels crazily good.”

M&O’s Observatorie is made up of three style agencies along with  other mover and shakers that come together before each edition and bring their  discoveries, their emotions and their intuitions about emerging lifestyles. This   brainstorming helps define a topic as the running theme of that season. Emotions, Desires, Secret, Luxuries, Use, Intensity- the themes refer to major, all-encompassing trends and not the whims of fashion. They have chose Crazy as the trend theme for the January 2012 edition of M&O. Here’s a peek…

Sweet Freaks | Monstrous beauties by Vincent Gregorie for Nelly Rodi

Eccentricity is energizing our imaginations. Wild flights of fancy and offbeat whimsy are shaking up a world caught between being too orderly and unhinged. Supercharged design is experimenting with curious overlaps combining the unusual and the refined. Juxtapositions, accumulations, and subversions are creating a dizzily psychotropic style. The home is mutating into a cave of wonders

Artketing | Mad about art by Francois Bernard for Croisements

We are all trying to proclaim our uniqueness, but sometimes it seems  pointlessness. Unique pieces draw out nothing but the boredom of the commonplace. Hyper-personalization is now designing our décors. So it’s time for the unexpected to leap into a scattershot yet elegant jumble that is both ironic and luxurious. Anachronisms, colliding materials, collusive colors… The home is becoming a work of art, and you are its creator

Dream Box | Gentle madness by Elizabeth Leriche for Elizabeth Leriche

A disconcerted, disconcerting age is exploring the strangeness of imaginary worlds. Dreams and nightmares are teleporting us into disturbing parallel realities in which our desires and fears are transformed. Optical illusions, losing our bearings, outsized objects, an upside-down world, distortions and other black magic… a phantasmagoria that enchants and bewitches. The house is experiencing the ready-to-dream.

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