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Loving this season’s hottest trend of bright bold color combos mixed and matched with colorblocking( two groups of colors juxtaposed next to each other without any other color or pattern intervening ). It can make a room, window or piece of furniture look like a piece of modern art. It’s easy.
All you need is some inspiration and a couple of helpful tips:
Don’t know where to start? Find a piece that’s already done for you.

Matisse's MONDRIAN fabric - 100% cotton

Triple Threat. Consider featuring three different shades; or maybe four- any more and dare I say it? CRAZY!

Ptolemy Couch Interiors UK

Stick to the same saturation. Go for colors of the same intensity to make a match and not clash.
Bold combos not your thing? Use the classic high contrast approach of black and white with a punch of color. It’ll look brand new.

Elitis fabric

Place your colors strategically. Remember the principles of design- brights attract; darks recede. Camouflage or flatter the piece you are colorblocking by applying the fundamentals.

Pierre Frey colorblocked linen draperies

From understated to WOW. Liven up neutrals with neon. ( Not to mention this citron seems to be the color of the moment).

La Fibule Refuge

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