Trend Dispatch: Maison and Objet 2012- Colors of the Moment


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Walking the aisles and showrooms in Paris for Maison & Objet and Paris Deco Off, I couldn’t help but note several colors that kept popping up everywhere! Put these on your must have list for 2012.

Fool’s Gold

Schumacher's Ripple Effect

This bold citron gold hue with brassy green undertones was all over the place. This is a color that’s hard to put your finger on. I find myself drawn to it and recently when deciding to paint my living room this color, I had a heck of a time getting it just right? This hue definitely evokes emotion- shifting from in-your-face to  moody  and sultry.  We’ve seen it before, but this time it was the center of attention and not an accent; showing up on different surfaces on new product categories, was interesting finishes to almost in some cases looking lit from within. Plus, it was mixed and matched with new colors creating unusual fresh schemes.

Miss Print fabrics and wallpapers

M&O Scenes d' Interieur

Pamplemousse M&O

JD Staron Ikat Rug

Perse Velvet from Karin Sajo

If you love this fabric, call me I am carrying this collection.

Nobilis Window Vignette

Artketing Trend Presentation- M&O


Nobilis Spring 2012 Collection

Maison & Objet

It’s been a couple of weeks since coming home for M&O and Deco Off. I jumped right into business as usual and just now have had some time to reflect, organize and my thoughts about the show. So this week, check out my series of posts of what trends and themes I see coming from the shows as well as my favorites and picks for the coming season.

Next Post: Hot Pink and Red are back.

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  • JoEllen 13 February, 2012, 5:57 pm

    Thanks, Deb, for the update in what your lucky eyes have seen in Paris this trip – I can’t stay away from the citron color way either, and would love to use it in my home….but, you know us Midwesterners…feet draggers. Glad you have found your color way and aren’t afraid to use it. Maybe i will manage soon. Until then I have a few blouses, belts and scarves to keep that great color in my life! JoEllen

  • Deb 14 February, 2012, 12:44 am

    Hi JoEllen,
    I am obssessed too! I started out with a couple of pillows; added accessories and took the plunge on the walls just before the holidays. I do love it! Now I am trying to pull the trigger on reupholstering the sofa in a red striped silk velvet. Don’t want it to seem too much like a bordello. Why is decorating your own home the hardest thing to do?

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