Why Bother with Design Abroad?


I am often asked,”Why on earth would I want to spend the time, effort and money to go to a design show abroad? My clients aren’t interested in the products shown there, it’s too difficult and complicated to source products overseas, and the exchange rates make it too expensive. “

My answer is- if for nothing else- Inspiration! I couldn’t say it better that the way CB2 recently in their blog post- How Did we Get Here?- giving the back-story on their new Tie-1- On sectional inspired from a trip to Milan Design Week  last year.

So what’s the story behind the Tie-1-on sectional?


It all started at Milan last year.

They got comfy thinking about it here…

so they talked it over with a few of these                  

and added a few of these…( hence the name.)

 I often see major US retailers in the aisles working the show and I always make note of what they are interested in, because I know it’ll show up in their stores and it’s what my clients will  be getting excited about. So, expand your horizons! Think globally even if you sell locally!

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