What Your Windows Will be Wearing in 2015?


Universally we’re seeing design and color trends emerging and shifting faster than ever due in part to blogs, online platforms, magazines and online shopping. Trends weave in and out of our lives simultaneously, and not all trends are accepted by all segments of the population.

Seeing what’s in/out opens us up to creating interiors ( and windows) with greater variety and allows us to refine our individual style. The result is that there really isn’t ONE style that dominants interiors.  No matter whether your design focus is on furniture, accessories or windows, it’s important to strike a balance between your core staples and trends to offer longevity and enduring style. So what will your windows be wearing in 2015?


Global References 

Where is it coming from? Trends morph and shift, explode and die off, so it’s important to track how influence spreads. The globally inspired décor -call it global eclectic or bohemian chic- has been top of mind for several seasons with roots in Mediterranean, India. Now influences move to Asia with Chinoiserie looks. More importantly, The World Cup and other events have shone a spotlight on other cultures. Global Eclectic is splitting and forging new paths, particularly Southwest looks, colors and motifs and Afro- centric tribal looks. Loads of animal prints are still going strong.



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Show the looks in fabrics, trims and hardware and by:

  • Layered textures
  • Mix cultures, styles, times
  • Look to nature for inspiration
  • Simple and somewhat thematic- fishing, hunting, cowboy, Indian- treatments
  • Bold Scale
  • Handcrafted designs
  • Blinds, shutters
  • Tapestries, blankets,  quilts and textiles as window treatments
  • Lacing, blanket stitch on edges, fringe details
  • Lace


I am loving that layering is back -the texture, color, fabrics that make a room feel lived in are finally here after too long with the under decorated minimalist spaces. I get it, but this time it seems to be more organic; not as matchymatchy or over the top contrived. We are also moving away from what I call lazy window decorating- a decorative rod and stationery panels- with multiple widths, functioning drapery coming on. The merchandiser in me loves a well executed vignette; the best news is that it’s also coming to the window. Look for overlays, mixing of opacities and colors to create dreamy, etheral effects.


The return of drapery and all it’s great benefits- insulation, warmth, character and personality  started with the first step stationery panels and is now moving to functioning draperies and top treatments which look fresh to the new design client.


Alexa Hampton’s Moroccan inspired lambrequin and draperies  at Kips Bay Showhouse


Speaking of pattern: Look for pattern to come to the window in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We’ll see panels, top treatments shades all sporting:

  • Florals boldly blown up, subtly water colored or contemporary abstractions.  Look for growing interest in dreamy atomspheric inspired florals minus the stems. Seen in blurring, overlays and painted effects and  imagery with mums, roses, and vines.
  • Geometrics- Frets and lattices wane and in their place will be honeycomb and 3D looks
  • Whimsical motifs
  • Reinvented Brocades and damasks
  •  Nature inspires stone, semi precious gems and marblelooks
  • Tie dye and Ombre continue to be important


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Manuel Canovas


Jessica Szoor for Romo




via Traditional Home

Coming up in the next post, we’ll explore trending color, stylings, and details coming to your windows next year.


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